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TCPH Ltd Presents To Ministries / Tourism Boards
Islamic Tourism Directory, ITD

(A proposal for sponsorship or franchise)

  1. ITD as a media tool supported by a group of professional programmers and designers. They built one of the advanced travel and tourism publications and website in 5 separate languages (English, German, Arabic, French & Spanish).
  2. ITD published annually in two languages; one is local and the second one is of your choice.
  3. ITD includes names and addresses related to travel and tourism, as well as useful information for travellers and guide to tourist attraction areas of the country. Entrees are free of charge.
  4. ITD is specifically for a given country.
  5. ITD aims at promoting your country internationally and allows travel and tourism information about it to be accessed online (through our website/ your country page) and in print. The printed version will be distributed through tourist information offices, travel and tourism exhibitions.
  6. ITD will be displayed on our website, Islamic Tourism Website (ITW), and can be accessed free of charge. The printed version will also be distributed free of charge.
  7. ITD is supported by ITM (Islamic Tourism Magazine), printed as a top quality magazine in five languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German) that is distributed in world exhibitions and the market of several countries around the world.
  8. ITD invites businesses in your country to advertise in the directory with a link to their businesses.
  9. The website version of the directory will be sent, weekly, to our database world wide.
  10. ITD will have a high standard of design and printing. The proposed printed quantity should be in access of 50,000 copies.
  11. ITD will be printed in size A5 with a minimum of 200 pages.
  12. ITM, ITW & ITD have offices and representatives in several countries such as Germany – Mainz, Amman, Cairo, Dubai, Baghdad and Sana’a. They are covering local and regional activities.

Rate   (per Issue)

Advert Area

Name in Arabic and other language:
Telephone and Fax number


2 text lines

Art work & Translations included


1/16 of a Page


1/8 of a Page


1/4 of a Page


1/2 of a Page


Full Page


Inside Cover Page


Half Page spread


Double Page spread


First & last 4 page (per page)


€ 250 per page

Arabic + other languages (inc translation)

The above figures represent our new competitive and unbeatable prices.

Material Requirements:
Full Colour (4 colour process) 133 lines per inch screen colour separation positive.
Right reading.
Emulsion side down plus a complete set of progressive proofs and a full colour print.
Bleed advertising can only be accepted on a full page and double page spread

Material Deadline:
The deadline is at least 45 days prior to publication date.

Request or notice of cancellation shall be received in writing 30 days prior to publication date.

General Conditions:
Advertisers and their agencies shall assume full responsibility for advertisement copy and contents. The publisher reserves the right to decline any advertisement not deemed suitable for print


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