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Benefits of Advertising
  1. ITM is a travel and tourism magazine covering cultural heritage, religious tourism, city tourism and all other fields of tourism. It is a pioneering magazine – established by A. S. Shakiry, through TCPH Ltd London UK.
  2. ITM is the first international magazine specializing in promoting tourism between Muslim & Arab countries and the rest of the world.
  3. ITM is published as a bilingual magazine in four formats, consisting of Arabic and one of the following languages: English, German, French or Spanish.
  4. ITM as a media tool is supported by its official website (www.islamictourism.com) which is also published in the featured languages above.
  5. ITM has a distribution network in various countries and is sent direct to VIPs of the travel and tourism industry.
  6. ITM attends and distributes in major Travel and Tourism exhibitions around the world.
  7. ITM Issues are entered in the ITW permanently and are viewable free of charge.  ITW contains profile pages for all countries around the world which provide news, articles and advertisements related to each country. It also provides useful information for tourists and travellers in each country.
  8. Any advert placed in ITM will also be shown on the ITW in each language.
  9. ITM & ITW have offices and representatives in various locations such as London, Mainz, Amman, Cairo, Dubai, Baghdad and Sana’a.
  10. ITM is edited and translated by senior academic lecturers in each language.
  11. ITM’s articles photographs are provided by various intellectual writers who have honoured ITM with their voluntary work.
  12. ITM is waiting to help promote your tourism-related projects, exhibitions and activities, as well as host news about your tourism programs and events.
  13. Together we can develop ITM to serve this new dimension of Tourism industry!
  14. We are pleased to offer you our lowest prices compared to your returns as advertisers.

ITM - (Prices cover the 5 languages): in four languages

Advert Area

(per Issue)

1/16 of a Page 


1/8 of a Page 

€ 435

1/4 of a Page 

€ 750

1/2 of a Page 

€ 1300

Full Page 

€ 2350

Inside Cover Page 

€ 4000

Half Page spread 

€ 2600

Double Page spread € 4700

Cover story with appropriate number of pages 

€ 10,000

Editorial in Arabic + 4 other languages
(including translation)

€ 600 per page

Register online

If you wish to advertise via mail please download and print the advertising order confirmation form and send it to:

Islamic Tourism
Unit 2C
289 Cricklewood Broadway
London, NW2 6NX
United Kingdom

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